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Harvest Beginner's Brew Kit


Harvest Homestead Equipment kits are design for 5 gallons of beer which makes 2 delicious cases of custom made beer! Any brew Imaginable can be made with very little expertise!

Harvest Beginner Kits Include:

30L (7.8gallon) Brew/ Bottling Bucket, 6 Gallon Brewing Bucket, Standard Hydrometer, Thermo-Strip, Racking Cane, 5' Siphon Tubing, Airlock, Bottle Filler, Wing Capper, Caps, Bottle Brush, and John Palmer's "How To Brew", an everything you need to know guide to great beer making.

Save $10 by picking up your product at Harvest Store. Call (541) 679-4524 to have it waiting for you!

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