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8.5 Gallon - Brewmaster Brewing Kettle



AISI304 Stainless Steel construction for longevity and excellent corrosion resistance.

Stainless handles and rivets for secure lifting.

Silicone coated kettle and lid handles for heat protection.

Lid is designed to conveniently hang from a handle.

4 mm Tri-Clad Bottom with Aluminum Core heats quickly and disperses heat evenly to prevent scorching.

1.0mm (10 & 15 gal) or 1.2mm (22 & 30 gal) thick side walls resists denting.

Two welded couplers for a lifetime of leak free use.

1/2" FPT internally threaded valve fitting for attaching various kettle fittings.

Included two-piece, 304 stainless ball valve is easy to clean and reassemble.

1/2" MPT stainless plug and teflon tape included for thermometer port.

1.2:1 height:diameter ratio provides optimal evaporation rate during boiling.

Industry-First notched lid with silicone plug accommodates an immersion chiller or sparge arm.

Internally etched volume markers from top to bottom for easy filling.


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