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Homesteading Supplies videos

What if the power companies paid YOU for Power? Or, What if you could make $20,000/year PLUS all of your food from home? How about if these things are possible with very little money or effort? Homesteading is a way to live "Off-The-Grid", and create everything you need or want from the comfort of your own home. Never worry again about what happens in the news, you'll be ready.

Construction Techniques

Cob and Straw Bale Construction

Cob and Straw Bale construction can be very fun and rewarding, and can also be used for many applications.

It is a technique that uses clay, sand, straw, dirt and/or many other choices of material and is often used for: Walls, sheds, small homes, chicken coops, and much more! 

Slipform Stone Building

Long lasting stone homes, slightly difficult access to materials for most homesteaders, but very efficient and long lasting

Rammed Earth

Rammed building is done by compressing earthy materials into tightly formed shapes

Gardening for Food

Sustainable Food Gardens

Growing food in urban areas is not as hard as one might think and as proof, This family makes $20,000 a year AND all the food they can eat on 1/10th of an acre inside the city!

Raising Livestock


Chickens are a great source of healthy food. Free range eggs from home are far healthier for you than store bought, and with your own chickens you'll know how healthy they are and how to keep them that way.


Goats can be used for deliciously healthy milk and cheese, they also make fun pets and are great for cheap landscaping!


Home Brewing Beer

Home Brewing your own beer can be a fun hobby or crazed obssesion, and it all starts with a little knowledge, a few pieces of equipment, and a bit of patience.

Also Enjoy John Palmer's "How To Brew" Videos on YouTube!

Making Wine

Making Wine from scratch can produce a product as good, if not better than, anything that can be bought in the store.

Wine making is simple and can be done with just about anything edible/drinkable.


Bees can be a low effort hobby, or a major production, and is often very rewarding.

Hives and Equipment

Bee Keeping is a vastly growing Proffession and Hobby, that most anyone can enjoy. Producing your own Honey from your own Bees is a great way to ensure clean and pure honey every time.

Mite Control

Verroa Mite Control and Hive Managment


Most parts for DIY power are easily obtained and building from scratch is often also possible.

Hydroelectric Generator

A Hydroelectric Generator is an easy way to generate power Off-the-grid.

The only needs for generating power is a consistent pushing or pulling force, in fact most designs are interchangeable as wind and man powered generators. Almost anyone can build these machines with very little technical knowledge.

Human Power

Building power generators that use Human-Power can be very beneficial to health while reducing power needs from the grid. Any motion that can become rotary motion can be used to generate power easily and efficienly. A Bicycle generator is probably the least difficult to build and most of the parts are easy to acquire.

Cheese Making

Also See "ChannelCheeseTV" on


Mozzarella is one of the easiest styles of cheese to make, it takes very little time, effort, or expertise to make delicious cheese in short periods of time.


Chevre is a soft goat cheese, very delicious and easy to make


Cheddar cheese is a hard cheese and commonly used in many dishes

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a pungent hard cheese veined with blue mold

(Penicilium Roqueforti)

This video is how to make a simplified blue cheese called Stilton

Self-Sufficient Cleaning and Personal Care

Soaps, shampoo, cleaners, sanitizers made from home


A great way to relieve costs and control what goes on your skin, Soap making is an ancient and safe way to keep clean without the danger of using commercial soaps

Organic Cleaners

Clean Your home without the use of toxic Chemicals, and keep your family healthy as well as clean.

Build Your Own...

Stir Plate

Why pay big bucks for a stir plate when you already have one, probably more than one!

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