Cheese Making Supplies are here!

We carry a full-line of cheese making supplies and cultures! Make any style cheese you could ever want from the comfort of your own home. 

Face Rock Creamery

Fresh Curds Weekly! We now carry all of the cheeses made by Face Rock Creamery in Bandon, OR. Enjoy some of the most delicious cheeses available to mankind! Get yours today!

Ferment the Right Way!

Wine Kits
Brew, wine, cider, mead and still kits are custom made to order!
Brew and Wine kits are available in many sizes and most kits are made for less than $100.00 and can last a lifetime! Don't waste your valuable time and money on prepackaged disposable beer-in-a-bag type kits!  Get a kit with high quality, fully reusable parts, and make literally any kind of beer your heart desires!

Water/ Oil Distillation Equipment Here at Harvest

Distillation of alcohol for consumption is 100% illegal in ALL 50 states. Distillation equipment is for legal uses only, not for 'moonshine'. Stills can be used for many purposes including water, essential oils, and other non-ethanol substances.